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학술지 RFID 기술의 인식, 채택, 실행별 영향 요인 분석
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박용재, 임명환
경영과학, v.26 no.3, pp.205-221
한국경영과학회 (KORMS)
09IC1900, 개별물품 단위 응용을 위한 차세대 RFID 기술 개발, 채종석
Countries around the world are actively investing in development and industrial application of RFID, a new wireless communications technology widely perceived as a next-generation growth engine with the potential for creation of new business value. In this paper, we empirically study factors influencing the acceptance of RFID by stage of introduction, to contribute making policies aimed at stimulating demand for this technology and accelerating its penetration. The process of acceptance of RFID was divided, in this paper, into three stages: perception, adoption and implementation, and influence factors, both internal and external to an organization, drawn from existing literature, are analyzed. A conceptual model comprising internal influence factors, including technical, organization and economic factors, and external factors related to environment and this model was tested through structural equation analysis. To obtain data for empirical analysis, we surveyed public institutions and general companies that are potential users of RFID. The data thus collected were analyzed to determine factors influencing the acceptance of RFID by stage, and practical implications for the RFID promotion policy at the level of demand creation and industrial application were derived from the results of this analysis.
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Business value, Conceptual model, Economic factors, Empirical analysis, Generation growth, Influence factors, Internal and external, Next-generation, Potential Users, Promotion policy, Public institutions