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학술대회 Recognizing Hand Gestures using Wrist Shapes
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임정묵, 이동우, 김배선, 조일연, 류재철
International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2010, pp.197-198
09MC2200, u-컴퓨팅 공간 협업을 위한 Wearable Personal Companion 기술개발, 조일연
We introduce a new hand gesture recognition interface, called virtual button. The virtual button utilizes patterns of the wrist shape. It can recognize a pinch motion and it can be used as a generic button event. Using the pinch motion is favorable in multi-touch based interactions or games because it can express picking, moving, and releasing (or putting) activities in a natural way. We use a small-sized IR optic sensor to get patterns of finger flexor tendons on wrist cause by moving fingers. These patterns are used to recognize finger/hand movements. Our method can also measure applied forces at the picking operation where using a vision-based approach may encounter difficulties. Finally, our experimental result shows that using the IR-optic sensor can be an effective solution to implement the virtual button. Our system also shows that it can recognize effectively various kinds of other hand motions such as a shaking of hands or bending of fingers. ©2010 IEEE.
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Applied forces, Experimental Result, Flexor tendons, Multi-touch, Optic sensor, Small-sized, hand Gesture recognition, hand movements, virtual button, vision-based approach