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학술대회 On the Challenges of Applying Selective Encryption on Region-of-Interest in H.264 Video Coding
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최수길, 김건우, 한종욱
International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications (CSA) 2009, pp.1-5
09MS5500, 개인신변 안전보장을 위한 영상보안 기술개발, 한종욱
Selective encryption of video data is not a new idea and various techniques proposed in previous literatures can effectively protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. After the initial appearance of selective encryption, some principles have become well known and widely adopted. One of the principles is the standard format compliance, which means that unauthorized users can decode and process the encrypted video without knowing the content. In the context of ROI encryption, this allows unauthorized users to decode and view the video except for the encrypted region containing sensitive information. However, there are some challenges for providing format compliance in H.264 video coding when applying encryption on certain regions and it is very important to address this issue in some applications such as privacy masking in video surveillance system. In this work, we describe the challenges and introduce some approaches to address these.. © 2009 IEEE.
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Region Of Interest(ROI), Selective encryption, Sensitive Data, Sensitive information, Unauthorized Access, Video coding, Video data, Video surveillance system, unauthorized users