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학술지 An Analysis on Effects of Information Security Investments: A BSC Perspective
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공희경, 김태성, 김정덕
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, v.23 no.4, pp.941-953
10MI1700, 100Gbps급 이더넷 및 광전송기술개발, 김광준
With the growing importance of information security due to the arrival of information society and the spread of the internet, information security is emerging as a tool to guarantee competitive advantage and is at the same time an indispensable requirement for stable business execution for companies and organizations. Additionally, the value of tangible and intangible assets that need to be protected as components of corporate assets are on the rise, where the importance of efficient and effective information asset management and information security investment is increasing for the organizations and companies managing them. However, despite an increase in the information security investment of an organization, there is a lack of systematic methodology pertaining to performance appraisals, which makes decision-making activities and determining means of improvement difficult. The existing financially focused information security investment is inadequate for systematic analyses and understanding due to the opportunity cost type characteristics of information security investment and the difficulty involved in presenting future strategic direction. This paper, considering the characteristics of the effects of information security investment, analyzes from a balanced score card perspective information security investment strategies and performance relationships. In short, critical success factors and key performance indicators are initially obtained from previous research related to information security investment, and the data collected through surveys at related companies and organizations are empirically analyzed utilizing the structural equation model. © 2010 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.
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Balanced Scorecard(BSC), Critical Success Factors(CSF), Data collected, Effective information, Information Society, Intangible assets, Investment strategies, Opportunity Cost, Performance indicators, Systematic methodology, competitive advantage