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학술대회 보행 보조 로봇을 위한 다중 생체/역학 센서의 신호 분석 및 사용자 의도 감지
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장은혜, 전병태, 지수영, 이재연, 강상승, 조영조
한국로봇공학회 종합 학술 대회 (하계) 2010, v.5 no.4, pp.294-301
In the aging society, the welfare for the aged become very important and the walking assist robot is a necessary device for being able to help walking of the aged and the lower limb disabled. In order to produce a convenient robot for the aged and the lower limb disabled, it is needed for the research detecting implicit walking intention and controlling robot by a user's intention. In this study, we developed sensor module system to control the walking- assist robot using FSR sensor and tilt sensor, and analyzed the signals being acquired from two sensors. The sensor module system consisted of the assist device control unit, communication unit by wire/wireless, information collection unit, information operation unit, and information processing PC which handles integrated processing of assist device control. The FSR sensors attached user's the palm and the soles of foot are sensing force/pressure signals from these areas and are used for detecting the walking intention and states. The tilt sensor acquires roll and pitch signal from area of vertebrae lumbales and reflects the pose of the upper limb. We could recognize the more detailed user's walking intention such as 'start walking', ''start of right or left foot forward', and 'stop walking' by the combination of FSR and tilt signals can recognize.
KSP 제안 키워드
Aging society, Assist Robot, Control Unit, Device Control, Integrated processing, Lower limb, Module system, Pressure signals, Sensor module, Upper Limb, User's intention