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학술지 User-Friendly Home Automation Based on 3D Virtual World
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한진수, 윤재관, 장종현, 박광로
IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, v.56 no.3, pp.1843-1847
09MC2900, SMMD기반 유비쿼터스홈 미디어 서비스 시스템 개발, 장종현
Home automation refers to a system that is used to control devices around the home. These devices can include doors, lights, surveillance systems, and consumer electronics. A user can control a variety of home devices with the help of a home automation system. To provide mobility, a mobile phone-based home automation has been developed. As another approach toward home automation, an Internetbased home automation system has been proposed, providing a graphic user interface. However, these systems lack userfriendliness and are neither intuitive nor realistic. To improve the user-friendliness of the interface, a 3D view interface was designed. However, its level of realism was low. In this study, to provide a more realistic interface, a 3D virtual world is adopted as the user interface for a home automation system. Additionally, a home server is used as a controller for home devices. As an information exchange format between the virtual and the real world, a control protocol that works under a standardization process is introduced. With the help of a 3D virtual world, a user can control and monitor home devices via a user-friendly interface that works both intuitively and realistically anywhere and anytime through the Internet. © 2006 IEEE.
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3D virtual world, Control device, Control protocol, Exchange format, Graphic User Interface, Home Devices, Home automation system, Home server, Information Exchange, Real-world, Surveillance system