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학술대회 Low Cost 24GHz Patch Array Antenna for High Sensitivity EM Sensor
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정영배, 박대영, 정창원
Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC) 2010, pp.2208-2211
10MR3900, 지능형 안테나 기술개발, 전순익
A low cost patch array antenna for high sensitivity electromagnetic (EM) sensor is presented. The operating frequency band of the antenna is 24.0524.25 GHz. Array structure is the symmetrical pattern by Chebyshev polynomial and the feed point is located in the middle of the array. Also, the gain of the array antenna can be increased by controlling the inclined angle of the side wings which are connected with the ground plane. It is proved through simulation and the measurement results that the operating frequency and the side-lobe level (SLL) are rarely changed when the inclined angle of the side wings is varied. © 2010 IEICE Institute of Electronics Informati.
KSP 제안 키워드
5 GHz, Chebyshev Polynomial, Electromagnetic (EM) sensor, High Sensitivity, Inclined angle, Low-cost, Operating frequency, Sidelobe Level, array structure, feed point, frequency band