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학술지 Gigabit Network-Based Three-Dimensional Trial Service on Media Delivery Platform
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김낙우, 손승철, 이병탁
Optical Engineering, v.50 no.9, pp.1-13
Recently, as effective demand for high-quality, large-capacity content such as three-dimensional (3D), multiangle, and gigabit-web has increased, a network infrastructure capable of satisfying future broadcast and communication service requirements is required. In this paper, we introduce a convergence service based on a gigabit network and then propose a technique for delivering gigabit 3D content. Here, the term 3D content delivery technique refers to an overlay-multicast-based distributed service platform that is comprised of a media relay agent and a management server. The service platform is designed to back up both live video and file-based video streaming. Using this platform, we can provide 3D remote education and 3D multiangle services via 3D-based video streaming between a service provider and service consumers dispersed at different locations. To evaluate our 3D content delivery technique, we run a series of trials of gigabit network-based 3D trial services to service subscribers. Then, we conduct a survey to measure user satisfaction with the 3D delivery service and simulated network and service quality. From experimental results, we confirm that this type of distributed service platform can be used as the delivery framework for applications such as realistic 3D-based seminars or 3D video conferences. © 2011 Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE).
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3D Video, 3D content, Back up, Communication services, Delivery service, Different locations, Distributed service, High-quality, Large capacity, Management server, Optical instrumentation