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학술대회 Adaptive Spectral Co-Clustering for Multiview Data
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손정우, 전준기, 이상윤, 김선중
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2016, pp.447-450
15MR3900, 개방형 미디어 생태계 구축을 위한 시맨틱 클러스터 기반 시청상황 적응형 스마트방송 기술 개발, 김선중
Spectral clustering is a typical unsupervised machine learning technique and it has widely adopted in various fields. This paper proposes a novel spectral clustering technique to handle the characteristics of multiview data. In the proposed method, co-training approach is adopted in the spectral clustering. When an instance has more than three views, it is difficult to handle different dependencies among views in ordinary co-training. To overcome this, the proposed method reflects these different dependencies among views when the information is propagated in the training phrase. In the experiment, the proposed method is evaluated with the synthetic data whose instances are represented with three views. The proposed method achieves up to 8.25% better ARI (Adjusted Rand Index) than those of five algorithms.
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Adjusted Rand Index, Clustering Technique, Machine Learning technique(MLT), Spectral clustering, Spectral co-clustering, Synthetic data, Unsupervised Machine Learning, co-training, multi-view data, three views