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학술대회 Channel Estimation Error Effects on Interference Alignment
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오진형, 홍헌진
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2016, pp.144-147
15MR3700, (통합)모바일 빅뱅 시대의 주파수 효율 개선 핵심 기술 개발, 최형도
For overcoming the scarcity of frequency resources, spectrum efficiency should be always enhanced by adopting the novel transmission methods. Nowadays, there are a few brilliant transmission technique in academic investigation area such as interference alignment, multi-cell beamforming and cooperative communication. Interference alignment has received the spotlight to enormously enhance the spectral efficiency among above cited transmission schemes. Because the interferences occurred from multiple interfering nodes are aligned into predefined portion of radio resource domain such as space, time and frequency we think spectral efficiency can be increased even though multiple interferences are also happened. To implement the interference alignment into current mobile communication systems, however, channel state information should be well-transferred from receiving nodes to transmitting node to obtain the transmit precoder. And the channel state information is transport to not only desired link from its transmitter and receiver but also adjacent link from neighbor cell's transmitter to desired link's receiver. If the precoder and decoder is created with errored channel state information, the capacity of an IA network is decreased. In this paper, we have analyzed the channel estimation error effects on interference alignment. And we compare and simulate the channel estimation effects on interference alignment with different interference alignment algorithms.
Channel estimation, interference alignment
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Alignment algorithm, Channel State Information(CSI), Channel estimation(CE), Cooperative Communication, Interference Alignment(IA), Multi-cell, Resource domain, Spectral efficiency(SE), Spectrum efficiency, Transmitter and receiver, channel estimation errors(CSEs)