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학술지 Bioinspired, Highly Stretchable, and Conductive Dry Adhesives Based on 1D-2D Hybrid Carbon Nanocomposites for All-in-One ECG Electrodes
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김태훈, 박준용, 손종무, 조동휘, 전석우
ACS Nano, v.10 no.4, pp.4770-4778
American Chemical Society(ACS)
15MS9200, (통합)인간친화형 디바이스(스킨패치, 멀티모달 서피스) 및 디바이스 소셜 프레임워크 기술 개발, 손용기
Here we propose a concept of conductive dry adhesives (CDA) combining a gecko-inspired hierarchical structure and an elastomeric carbon nanocomposite. To complement the poor electrical percolation of 1D carbon nanotube (CNT) networks in an elastomeric matrix at a low filler content (~1 wt %), a higher dimensional carbon material (i.e., carbon black, nanographite, and graphene nanopowder) is added into the mixture as an aid filler. The co-doped graphene and CNT in the composite show the lowest volume resistance (~100 ohm쨌cm) at an optimized filler ratio (1:9, total filler content: 1 wt %) through a synergetic effect in electrical percolation. With an optimized conductive elastomer, gecko-inspired high-aspect-ratio (>3) microstructures over a large area (~4 in.2) are successfully replicated from intaglio-patterned molds without collapse. The resultant CDA pad shows a high normal adhesion force (~1.3 N/cm2) even on rough human skin and an excellent cycling property for repeatable use over 30 times without degradation of adhesion force, which cannot be achieved by commercial wet adhesives. The body-attachable CDA can be used as a metal-free, all-in-one component for measuring biosignals under daily activity conditions (i.e., underwater, movements) because of its superior conformality and water-repellent characteristic.
KSP 제안 키워드
Adhesion force, All-in-one, Carbon materials, Carbon nano-tube(CNT), Co-doped, Conductive elastomer, Cycling property, Daily activity, ECG electrodes, Filler content, High aspect ratio