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학술지 A Light Scattering Layer for Internal Light Extraction of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Silver Nanowires
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이근수, 신진욱, 박준환, 이종희, 주철웅, 이정익, 조두희, 임종태, 오민철, 주병권, 문제현
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, v.8 no.27, pp.17409-17415
American Chemical Society(ACS)
16ZB1300, 초저가 플렉서블 Lighting Surface 기술 개발, 유병곤
We propose and fabricate a random light scattering layer for light extraction in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) with silver nanodots, which were obtained by melting silver nanowires. The OLED with the light scattering layer as an internal light extraction structure was enhanced by 49.1% for the integrated external quantum efficiency (EQE). When a wrinkle structure is simultaneously used for an external light extraction structure, the total enhancement of the integrated EQE was 65.3%. The EQE is maximized to 65.3% at a current level of 2.0 mA/cm2. By applying an internal light scattering layer and wrinkle structure to an OLED, the variance in the emission spectra was negligible over a broad viewing angle. Power mode analyses with finite difference time domain (FDTD) simulations revealed that the use of a scattering layer effectively reduced the waveguiding mode while introducing non-negligible absorption. Our method offers an effective yet simple approach to achieve both efficiency enhancement and spectral stability for a wide range of OLED applications.
finite difference time domain, light extraction, organic light-emitting diodes, silver nanowires, wrinkle structures
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External Quantum Efficiency, External light, Extraction structure, Finite Difference Time Domain(FDTD), Organic light-emitting diodes(OLEDS), Power mode, Silver nanowire(AgNW), Spectral stability, Wide range, Wrinkle structure, efficiency enhancement