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학술대회 Design of the packet forwarding architecture of the ATM based MPLS edge node
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유재호, 강선무, 전우직
International Conference on Networks (ICON) 2000, pp.431-435
In MPLS domains, the speed-up by eliminating the IP header lookup and the support of QoS are basic roles of label switch routers (LSRs). Core LSRs inside MPLS network forward packets at the network-specific link layer. However, edge LSRs on the MPLS network boundary would forward packets at the link layer and at the network layer. The support of both high-speed forwarding and the guarantee of QoS at the edge LSRs are very important. This paper proposes the packet forwarding architecture of the ATM-label edge router (ATM-LER), which is an MPLS edge LSR on the public ATM network boundary, to support the high-speed forwarding. The forwarding control procedures and the related works of the ATM-LER are also discussed. © 2000 IEEE.
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ATM networks, Edge router, High Speed, IP header, Link layer, Network boundary, Packet Forwarding, Speed-up, network layer