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학술대회 Mobile Security Solution for Sensitive Data Leakage Prevention
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김건량, 임재덕, 김정녀
International Conference on Communications and Broadband Networking (ICCBN) 2017, pp.59-64
16MH4600, (IoT 운영체제-총괄) 스마트 경량 IoT 기기용 운영체제 보안 핵심 기술 개발, 김정녀
As the utilization of smartphone devices has increased, individual smartphone has utilized for business use in many cases nowadays, and many people have used their smartphone to work according as the Bring Your Own Device trend. So, the method that prevents the leakage of the business data is needed. In this paper, we propose Mobile Security Solution (MSS) system that the security platform is built to prevent the leakage of the sensitive data such as business data. The MSS system is a secure mobile solution that hypervisor is equipped in the mobile device, the hypervisor isolates Secure Domain (SD) from Normal Domain (ND) in the mobile device, android OS in ND and secure OS in SD run concurrently, and security platform is installed in the ND and the SD to offer the user with secure services. And we describe the architecture of MSS system based on Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) system of Global Platform. The MSS system offers a secure execution environment to save the sensitive data and to carry out the security functions securely. The end of this paper, we describe the experiment results that create the signature data, encrypt and decrypt data, insert and delete data in the MSS system.
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Android OS, Bring your own Device, Business data, Carry out, Data leakage prevention, Experiment results, Global platform, Mobile devices, Mobile solution, Secure Execution Environment, Sensitive Data