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학술대회 SDL Design of a Radio Resource Control Protocol for 3G Evolution Systems with Two Different Approaches
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김태형, 김재우, Qi-Ping Yang, 이재형, 박순기, 신연승
International Workshop on System Analysis and Modeling : Language Profiles (SAM) 2006 (LNCS 4320), v.4320, pp.166-182
Despite the increasing need of formal methods, people in the industry still hesitate to use them for product development because they are not sure of success with that novel approach in their own situation. In order to encourage those people we show our experience of designing a radio resource control protocol for ETRI's 3G evolution systems in SDL with two different approaches: pure-SDL and hybrid-SDL approaches. From our design and verification results, we make an empirical evaluation of those two approaches in several aspects and suggest a simple guideline for selecting an appropriate approach according to the situation. © Springer-Verlag 2006.
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Control protocol, Empirical Evaluation, Evolution system, Novel approach, Product Development, Radio resource control, formal methods