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학술대회 Implementations of Automated Testing Environment for Distributed Multimedia Streaming Applications
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현욱, 박주영
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2017, pp.653-656
Nowadays, multimedia streaming service is one of the widely used application over Internet. However, it costs much and needs infrastructures to accommodate massive concurrent users in server-client model. Hence, there several solutions and standards are under development based on peer-to-peer networking, and we are implementing prototype based on ITU-T Recommendation. On testing application in distributed systems, operator has to control whole client one-by-one manually on every test scenario, and it was not easy to test time critical scenarios. Hence, we have constructed our own testing environment by using several open source solutions. In this paper, we share our experiences on constructing automated testing environment for distributed multimedia streaming application.
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Distributed System(DS), ITU-T, Multimedia streaming, Open source, Peer-to-Peer(P2P), Peer-to-peer networking, Server-Client, Streaming applications, Streaming service, Test Time, automated testing