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학술대회 Microgrid Design with Renewable Energy Sources and Storage based on Power Conditioning System for Autonomous Island Operation
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허세완, 박완기, 이일우
International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT) 2017, pp.147-152
17PH1400, 커뮤니티에너지공급(CES) 시설 기반 분산자원 활용 마이크로그리드 BM 개발 및 실증, 박완기
This paper proposes a three-phase microgrid which consists of two renewable energy sources, an energy storage, and a power conditioning system (PCS). The renewable energy generated from the photovoltaic arrays is provided to a load and the storage through an inverter and a charger, respectively. The PCS coordinates the energy flow from the sources such as a utility grid and the renewable energy sources to the storage and load, and vice versa. The microgrid based on the PCS operates alone as an island operation, which is determined autonomously according to the state-of-charge (SOC) of the storage. The autonomous island operation of the microgrid was verified through simulations using a PSIM tool.
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Energy storage, Microgrid design, Photovoltaic Array(PV Array), Renewable energy sources(RES), State Of Charge(SOC), Three-Phase, an inverter, energy flow, island operation, power conditioning system, renewable energy(RE)