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학술대회 A Control Theoretic Approach for Designing Adaptive AQM Schemes
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Xidong Deng, 이성원, G. Kesidis, C.R. Das
GLOBECOM 2003, pp.2947-2951
In this paper, we use a control theoretic approach to develop a generic framework for analyzing various active queue management (AQM) schemes as proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers. Based on this PID model, we propose an adaptive control mechanism to improve the system stability and performance under changing network conditions. We then present a generic implementation of the PID controller by introducing a derivative control into a PI controller. In addition, we propose an improved Adaptive Virtual Queue (AVQ) scheme with explicit queue length control. A simulation study under a wide range of traffic conditions suggests that the proposed algorithms outperform the existing AQM schemes in achieving better system performance and stability.
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Control mechanism, Derivative control, Generic framework, PI Controller, PID-controller, Queue Length Control, Simulation study, System performance, System stability and performance, Virtual queue, Wide range