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학술대회 Stabilized Virtual Buffer (SVB) - An Active Queue Management Scheme for Internet Quality-of-Service
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Xidong Deng, 이성원, G. Kesidis, C.R. Das
GLOBECOM 2002, pp.1628-1632
In this paper we present a virtual queue-based active queue management scheme, called Stabilized Virtual Buffer (SVB). The SVB scheme uses the packet arrival rate and queue length information to probabilistically drop/mark packets in a congested Internet router. System goodput, packet loss rate, average queue length, and stability of the queue are used to compare the proposed SVB scheme with prior AQM schemes (RED, REM, and AVQ). Simulation results indicate that the SVB algorithm can provide better goodput and lower loss rate than the other three AQMs. The most striking feature of the proposed scheme is its robustness to workload fluctuations in maintaining a stable queue for different workload mixes (short and long flows) and parameter settings.
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Average queue length, Internet router, Parameter setting, Short and long flows, Virtual buffer, Virtual queue, active queue management, internet quality, management scheme, packet arrival rate, packet loss rate