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학술지 Strategic Control of 60 GHz Millimeter-Wave High-Speed Wireless Links for Distributed Virtual Reality Platforms
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김중헌, 이재진, 이우주
Mobile Information Systems, v.2017, pp.1-10
Hindawi Publishing
This paper discusses the stochastic and strategic control of 60 GHz millimeter-wave (mmWave) wireless transmission for distributed and mobile virtual reality (VR) applications. In VR scenarios, establishing wireless connection between VR data-center (called VR server (VRS)) and head-mounted VR device (called VRD) allows various mobile services. Consequently, utilizing wireless technologies is obviously beneficial in VR applications. In order to transmit massive VR data, the 60 GHz mmWave wireless technology is considered in this research. However, transmitting the maximum amount of data introduces maximum power consumption in transceivers. Therefore, this paper proposes a dynamic/adaptive algorithm that can control the power allocation in the 60 GHz mmWave transceivers. The proposed algorithm dynamically controls the power allocation in order to achieve time-average energy-efficiency for VR data transmission over 60 GHz mmWave channels while preserving queue stabilization. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm presents desired performance.
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60 GHz, Average Energy, Data center, Data transmission, Energy Efficiency, Mobile Virtual Reality, Mobile services, Power Consumption, Virtual Reality(VR), Wireless technology, Wireless transmission
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