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학술지 Restricting Answer Candidates Based on Taxonomic Relatedness of Integrated Lexical Knowledge Base in Question Answering
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허정, 이형직, 왕지현, 배용진, 김현기, 옥철영
ETRI Journal, v.39 no.2, pp.191-201
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
16MS3800, (엑소브레인-1세부) 휴먼 지식증강 서비스를 위한 지능진화형 Wise QA 플랫폼 기술 개발, 박상규
This paper proposes an approach using taxonomic relatedness for answer-type recognition and type coercion in a question-answering system. We introduce a question analysis method for a lexical answer type (LAT) and semantic answer type (SAT) and describe the construction of a taxonomy linking them. We also analyze the effectiveness of type coercion based on the taxonomic relatedness of both ATs. Compared with the rule-based approach of IBM's Watson, our LAT detector, which combines rule-based and machine-learning approaches, achieves an 11.04% recall improvement without a sharp decline in precision. Our SAT classifier with a relatedness-based validation method achieves a precision of 73.55%. For type coercion using the taxonomic relatedness between both ATs and answer candidates, we construct an answer-type taxonomy that has a semantic relationship between the two ATs. In this paper, we introduce how to link heterogeneous lexical knowledge bases. We propose three strategies for type coercion based on the relatedness between the two ATs and answer candidates in this taxonomy. Finally, we demonstrate that this combination of individual type coercion creates a synergistic effect.
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Analysis method, IBM's Watson, Knowledge bases, Learning approach, Lexical knowledge base, Question analysis, Question answering system, Rule-based Approach, machine Learning, semantic relationship, synergistic effect
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