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학술대회 Variable Rate Video Transport In Broadband Packet Networks
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이상훈, L. T. Wu
Visual Communications and Image Processing 1988 (SPIE 1001), v.1001, pp.954-964
Broadband packet networking techniques based on high speed electronics in lightwave technology promise the fully integrated network of the future. Among other features, broadband packet networks could provide an efficient transport capability for variable rate real-time video traffic. This requires a careful tradeoff between the network and terminal design complexity. In this paper, terminal and network designs alternatives are investigated for end-to-end variable rate video transport in a broadband packet network. In particular, two different types of transport for a single video connection are presented using a hierarchical video coding scheme. This would allow efficient bandwidth sharing and minimum degradation in video quality. © 1988 SPIE.
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Bandwidth Sharing, Efficient Bandwidth, End to End(E2E), Fully integrated, Packet network, Real-time video, Transport capability, Video quality, Video transport, coding scheme, hierarchical video coding