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학술대회 Design of a Home-Video Self-making Framework based on Dynamically Mashup Personal Media
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문경덕, 박윤경
International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2017, pp.245-246
16MS1600, 퍼스널 미디어가 연결?공유?결합하여 재구성 가능케 하는 복합 모달리티 기반 미디어 응용 프레임워크 개발, 문경덕
With the proliferation of smart phones, self-shot videos have rapidly accumulated and with the widespread home networks, users can commune with their family and friends by sharing those videos. This has given rise to demand to mashup selected parts of videos. Presently, video is mashed up manually and this is a time-consuming and labor-intensive job. In this paper, we propose HVSF, a platform that semi-automatically enables users to edit and mashup a video with reuse of parts of videos by simply writing a scenario. HVSF provides a tool to segment a video into shots and annotate those shots. HVSF automatically selects appropriate shots from videos with consideration of user preferences and similarity of adjacent shots and mashup those shots according to user scenario.
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Home Network, Personal media, Smart Phone, User Scenario, user preference