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학술지 Integrated Flexible Electronic Devices Based on Passive Alignment for Physiological Measurement
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류진화, 변상원, 백인복, 이봉국, 장원익, 장은혜, 김아영, 유한영
Sensors, v.17 no.4, pp.1-8
17HS5600, 정신 질환의 모니터링 및 징후 예측을 위한 피부 부착형 센서 모듈 개발, 김승환
This study proposes a simple method of fabricating flexible electronic devices using a metal template for passive alignment between chip components and an interconnect layer, which enabled efficient alignment with high accuracy. An electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor was fabricated using 20 μm thick polyimide (PI) film as a flexible substrate to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed method. The interconnect layer was fabricated by a two-step photolithography process and evaporation. After applying solder paste, the metal template was placed on top of the interconnect layer. The metal template had rectangular holes at the same position as the chip components on the interconnect layer. Rectangular hole sizes were designed to account for alignment tolerance of the chips. Passive alignment was performed by simply inserting the components in the holes of the template, which resulted in accurate alignment with positional tolerance of less than 10 μm based on the structural design, suggesting that our method can efficiently perform chip mounting with precision. Furthermore, a fabricated flexible ECG sensor was easily attachable to the curved skin surface and able to measure ECG signals from a human subject. These results suggest that the proposed method can be used to fabricate epidermal sensors, which are mounted on the skin to measure various physiological signals.
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ECG signal, Electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor, Epidermal sensors, Flexible electronic devices, Flexible substrate, High accuracy, Human subject, Metal template, Photolithography process, Physiological signals, Polyimide (PI) film
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