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학술대회 An Agent-Based Remote Operation and Safety Monitoring System for Marine Elevators
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김형주, 이광일
International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Technologies and Applications (CUTE) 2016 (LNEE 421), v.421, pp.888-893
15PS4500, 해양사물인터넷을 위한 선박 공통정보 모델 국제표준기반 개발 , 이광일
The reliability of marine elevators are important because of the tough conditions in the marine environment. For the safety purpose, more than 26 safety lists shall be checked by persons when the ship is docked. However, its maintenance costs of the elevator increases as the rise of personnel expenses increases. Also the efficiency is highly dependent on the ability of the personnel but it is not feasible to provide expert maintenance services all the time. Therefore we propose an agent-based remote operation and safety monitoring system for the marine elevators through a shipborne gateway, called MariComm. So expert A/S personnel can inspect status of marine elevators and provide best maintenance service through the marine elevator management server whenever and wherever he wants. In our experimental analysis, we illustrated that the performance and reliability of the elevator can be improved through analyzing the accumulated data.
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Maintenance cost, Management server, Marine elevator, Marine environment, Monitoring system, Performance and Reliability, Remote Operation, Safety Monitoring, agent-based, experimental analysis, maintenance service