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학술대회 Run-time Software Upgrading Framework for Mission Critical Network Applications
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홍승우, 문성, 류호용
International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS) 2017, pp.727-732
16MH5100, Non-stop Active Routing을 지원하는 고가용성 네트워크 운영체제 기술개발, 류호용
In mission critical and safety software applications such as internet infrastructure, telecommunication, military and medical applications, service continuity is very important. Since for these applications it is unacceptable to shut-down and restart the system during software upgrade, run-Time software upgrade techniques, which are deployed for online maintenance and upgrades without shutdown the system, can meet the demand for high levels of system availability and service continuity. However, upgrading an application while it is running without shut-down is a complex process. The new and the old component may differ in the functionality, interface, and performance. Only selected components of an application are changed while the other parts of the application continue to function. It is important to safeguard the software application's integrity when changes are implemented at runtime. Various researchers have employed different tactics to solve the problem of run-Time software upgrade such as compiler-based methods, hardware-based method, and analytic redundancy based. In order to ensure a reliable run-Time upgrade, we designed and implemented a software framework based run-Time software upgrading method, which has the ability to make runtime modification is considered at the software architecture-level. In this paper, we present the software component architecture for run-Time upgrade and software upgrade procedure, and then show the implementation results.
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Internet infrastructure, Medical Applications, Mission-critical, Network applications, Online maintenance, Run time, Safety Software, Service continuity, Shut-down, Software Framework, Software applications