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학술대회 Cloud SLA Relationships in Multi-cloud Environment: Models and Practices
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손석호, 최현화, 오병택, 김선욱, 김병섭
International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation (ICCMS) 2017, pp.1-6
16MF1500, Giga Media 기반 Tele-experience 서비스 SW플랫폼 기술 개발, 장종현
In the past few years, cloud computing has been realized and has achieved advancement. Sincemany cloud systems and providers have been deployed in this world, various models and platforms have been developed to support multiple cloud (i.e., multi-cloud) environments (e.g., inter-cloud, federated cloud, distributed cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud management platform, and cloud service brokerageplatform). Whereas those models provide a multi-cloud environment, they are different according to their objectives, service models, SLA (service level agreement) models, and so on. Even though SLA is considered as a very important issue in cloud computing, SLA relationships in multi-cloud models are not formally described yet.Therefore, in this paper, we introduce various multi-cloud models and analyze the multi-cloud models in term of SLA relationship based on the proposed SLA relationship description model. In addition, this paper introduces open source multi-cloud projects to understand practices in cloud SLA relationships.
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Cloud Computing, Cloud SLA, Cloud management platform, Cloud service, Cloud system, Description model, Distributed cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Inter-cloud, Multi-Cloud Environment, Multiple clouds