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학술대회 Performance Evaluation of a Remote Block Device with High-Speed Cluster Interconnects
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최현화, 김강호, 강동재
International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation (ICCMS) 2017, pp.84-88
16MF1500, Giga Media 기반 Tele-experience 서비스 SW플랫폼 기술 개발, 장종현
Today's data intensive applications require to process large amount of data on cluster systems that consist of commodity computing nodes with high performance network interconnects. Individual computing nodes in the cluster system have indentical resource specification although applications vary greatly in their resource needs. From imbalance of the amount of memory used different computing nodes, we can consider the use of remote idle memory to alleviate the memory pressure on individual computing nodes. We propose a remote memory block device (RMBD) using remote memory access capabilities provided by both Infiniband and RoCE as one of remote swapping techniques. We evaluates the I/O performance of RMBD with it of the block device using TCP/IP protocols. From performance experiments, we find that RMBD using RDMA is able to improve througput by up to 20 times in read operation and 6 times in write operation compared to it using TCP/IP. We demonstrate that RMBD as swap device can provide performance benefits that is up to 2 times speed up compared to HDD for quick-sorting.
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Block device, Cluster system, Data intensive applications, High Speed, High performance network, I/O performance, Performance evaluation, Remote Memory Access, Speed-up, TCP/IP protocol, resource specification