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학술대회 Modeling and Simulation of LoRa in OPNET
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전도성, 홍석준, 이우섭, 이경락, 조인해, 이계선, 박태준
International Conference on Future Information Technology (FutureTech) 2017 (LNEE 448), v.448, pp.551-559
LPWA networks are getting attention as a solution to support massive number of IoT devices. LoRa is one such low-power based long-range technology. In this paper, we discuss methods to build a LoRa simulation environment. We first discuss the characteristics of the LoRa PHY and MAC layers, defined in the LoRa and LoRaWAN specifications. Then, we show how LoRa PHY and MAC functions can be realized in the OPNET simulation environment. For LoRa PHY implementation, we adopted LoRa modulation curve based on BER vs Eb/No. We also implemented various process models depends on LoRa node model for LoRa MAC functions. We conclude with future directions for performance enhancement.
KSP 제안 키워드
IoT Devices, Long-range, Low-Power, Modeling and Simulation, Node model, OPNet simulation, Process model, Simulation Environment, future directions, modulation curve, performance enhancement