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학술대회 Design of Cache backend using Remote Memory for Network File System
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임은지, 안신영, 김영호, 차규일, 최완
International Conference on High Performance Computing and Simulation (HPCS) 2017, pp.864-869
17HS1900, 대규모 딥러닝 고속 처리를 위한 HPC 시스템 개발, 최완
In supporting high-performance data processing, performance gap between the computation device and storage prevents the full utilization of the computation resource and causes a system bottleneck. In addition, some big-data applications which require interactive, real-time, and complicated computation need faster data I/O than distributed file systems. So we propose a new cache backend facility called CacheDM for network file system, which utilizes the distributed memory as a cache media in the cluster environment where computing nodes are connected via high speed network. CacheDM can provide low-latency and high-speed cache by supporting direct memory copy based access to the cached data by using RDMA. CacheDM is designed as a cache backend of the FS-Cache, therefore users can use CacheDM and gain its performance advantage without modification of existing application and NFS.
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Big Data, Computation resource, Data processing, Distributed File system, High performance, High speed network, Low latency, Memory copy, Network file system(NFS), Performance data, Real-Time