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학술대회 Development and Construction of Security-Enhanced LTE Traffic Signal System in Korea
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손명희, 정훈
International Conference on Computer and Communication Systems (ICCCS) 2017, pp.91-95
17HH2600, SMART Post 확산 기술 개발, 정훈
As urbanization increases, traffic congestion and road safety problems become serious social problems. Korea has 1.6 times higher urbanization rate than the world average due to rapid industrialization. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the quality of traffic to complete Smart City with traffic congestion cost of 2.62% of GDP, national logistics cost of 12.5% of GDP, and traffic accident cost of 1.53% of GDP in 2008. in this paper, we propose a secure LTE - based communication method for smart - intersection construction for open and optimal operation of traffic signal information. For the last 25 years, Korea has been managing signal operating conditions and fault conditions with a low-speed wired communication infrastructure between traffic lights and traffic control centers. in order to share signal information between traffic light and traffic control center for remote signal operation and optimum signal operation, we are making a breakthrough in high speed wireless communication infrastructure. Traffic signaling system design is required by security. in this paper, we propose the actual field test results by developing the technology to solve the security vulnerabilities that are concerned when using existing LTE as communication infrastructure between local controllers and the remote controller. We expect that the results of this paper will be an important infrastructure that can significantly reduce shipping costs in future urban congestion situations.
KSP 제안 키워드
25 years, Accident cost, Congestion cost, Field Test, High Speed Wireless Communications, Operating conditions, Optimal operation, Road safety, Security vulnerabilities, Signaling system, Smart city