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학술지 Wire Optimization and Delay Reduction for High-Performance on-Chip Interconnection in GALS Systems
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오명훈, 김영우, 김학영, 김영균, 김진성
ETRI Journal, v.39 no.4, pp.582-591
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
16MS2600, 클라우드 인프라를 위한 초절전형 고집적 마이크로 서버 시스템 기술개발, 김학영
To address the wire complexity problem in largescale globally asynchronous, locally synchronous systems, a current-mode ternary encoding scheme was devised for a two-phase asynchronous protocol. However, for data transmission through a very long wire, few studies have been conducted on reducing the long propagation delay in current-mode circuits. Hence, this paper proposes a current steering logic (CSL) that is able to minimize the long delay for the devised current-mode ternary encoding scheme. The CSL creates pulse signals that charge or discharge the output signal in advance for a short period of time, and as a result, helps prevent a slack in the current signals. The encoder and decoder circuits employing the CSL are implemented using 0.25-lm CMOS technology. The results of an HSPICE simulation show that the normal and optimal mode operations of the CSL achieve a delay reduction of 11.8% and 28.1%, respectively, when compared to the original scheme for a 10-mm wire. They also reduce the power-delay product by 9.6% and 22.5%, respectively, at a data rate of 100 Mb/s for the same wire length.
KSP 제안 키워드
CMOS Technology, Current-mode(CM), Current-mode circuits, Current-steering, Data transmission, Encoder and Decoder, Globally Asynchronous, HSPICE simulation, High performance, Locally Synchronous, Long propagation delay
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