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학술대회 Evolving Toward Virtualized Mobile Access Platform for Service Flexibility
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이승규, 김진업
International Conference on Next Generation Wired/Wireless Advanced Networks and Systems (NEW2AN) 2017 (LNCS 10531), v.10531, pp.473-481
17HF1200, 컴퓨팅이 융합된 가상화 기반 5G 이동통신 액세스 플랫폼 기술 개발, 김진업
This paper deals with the application of virtualization technology, which is regarded as important technology for securing service flexibility in 5G mobile communication system, to base stations. 5G mobile communication should provide users with personalized, localized and intelligent new concept services. Therefore, it is necessary to secure design and implementation technology that guarantees flexibility of its structure in addition to communication technology such as high speed, low delay, and concatenation. The 5G mobile communication infrastructure with virtualization can adapt and reconfigure communication functions adaptively to the environment, so that it can quickly reflect the needs of users and markets. The services of the 5G can be accommodated by sharing resources in one equipment, rather than requiring different devices for execution. In this paper, we design a virtualized access platform with Cloud, Virtualization, and SDN concepts. This includes the virtualization design of wireless transport modem, wireless access protocol, and radio resource management functions. The design is implemented as Service Virtualization subset where SON and RRM are virtualized and confirmed that LTE basic service and SON Network Monitoring functions operate in the standard including commercial user terminal and core network.
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5G mobile communication system, Access protocol, Core Network, High Speed, Implementation technology, Low Delay, Secure Design, Service virtualization, Virtualization technologies, Wireless Access, base station(BS)