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학술대회 Unified Control Architecture for 5G Convergence Network
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하정락, 박노익
International Conference on Circuits, Devices and Systems (ICCDS) 2017, pp.226-230
17HH3500, 유/무선 액세스에 비종속적인 5G 코어 핵심기술 개발, 박노익
Future data traffic is expected to be tremendously increased. The huge traffic is necessary to be supported by various types of access networks rather than a single type of access network. The 5G network assumes fixed wireline and WiFi as access technologies as well as a new 5G Radio Access Technology (RAT). In this paper, we discuss a unified control architecture to provide access control and session control using a common signaling scheme in 5G. The proposed unified control minimizes access network dependency. The discussion of access control and session control reveals our study on their functionalities. Although the proposed architecture is not fully comply with 3GPP developing standard, our study on access control and session control reveals their functionalities.
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5G Network, 5G radio access, Control architecture, Data traffic, Radio Access Technologies, Session control, Unified control, access control, access network