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학술지 Medication Management Process Modeling using Coloured Petri nets
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김태호, 고유경
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, v.12 no.9, pp.2017-2021
Research India Publications
16MS4800, 오류 없는 시스템 통합을 위한 안전우선 분산 모듈형 SW 플랫폼, 김태호
Medication errors are recognized as a major cause of patient safety. Physicians, pharmacists, and nurses need to a greater effort to reduce medication and medical errors. However, it is difficult to identify roles and responsibility through medication process and errors has still happened in a hospital. A major problem of medication process is an ambiguity and regulation violation. We propose a method to apply CPN (Coloured Petri nets) to a clinical setting to reduce errors and improve consensus. CPN have been used for modeling, simulation, and analysis for real-time systems. We use CPN for a medication management process, and present clinical scenarios to illustrate its application. The CPN model helps to detect weakness of the medication process and lead to improve the process through clarification. The CPN model has the potential to improve patient safety through improving understanding the clinical participants?? role and responsibility in medication processes.
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Clinical scenarios, Coloured Petri nets(CPN), Management process, Medical errors, Medication management, Petri net(PN), Process Modeling, medication errors, patient safety, real-time systems