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학술지 Characteristics of Enhanced-Mode AlGaN/GaN MIS HEMTs for Millimeter Wave Applications
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이종민, 안호균, 정현욱, 신민정, 임종원
Journal of the Korean Physical Society, v.71 no.6, pp.365-369
한국물리학회 (KPS)
17HB2400, 고효율 GaN 기반 기지국/단말기용 핵심부품 및 모듈 개발, 임종원
In this paper, an enhanced-mode (E-mode) AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) was developed by using 4-inch GaN HEMT process. We designed and fabricated Emode HEMTs and characterized device performance. To estimate the possibility of application for millimeter wave applications, we focused on the high frequency performance and power characteristics. To shift the threshold voltage of HEMTs we applied the Al2O3 insulator to the gate structure and adopted the gate recess technique. To increase the frequency performance the e-beam lithography technique was used to define the 0.15 um gate length. To evaluate the dc and high frequency performance, electrical characterization was performed. The threshold voltage was measured to be positive value by linear extrapolation from the transfer curve. The device leakage current is comparable to that of the depletion mode device. The current gain cut-off frequency and the maximum oscillation frequency of the E-mode device with a total gate width of 150 um were 55 GHz and 168 GHz, respectively. To confirm the power performance for mm-wave applications the load-pull test was performed. The measured power density of 2.32 W/mm was achieved at frequencies of 28 and 30 GHz.
KSP 제안 키워드
30 GHz, 55 GHz, Current Gain, Cut-off frequency, E-beam Lithography, E-mode, Electrical characterization, GaN HEMT, Gate Width, Gate recess, High Frequency(HF)