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학술대회 Multi-Robot Control Architecture for Hospital Delivery Service in Unstable Network Environment
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전서현, 이재연
International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO) 2017, pp.270-277
16PS2600, 병원의 광역 환경에 적용가능한 물류 로봇 시스템 개발, 이재연
This paper describes the problem about controlling multiple robots in a real world when the network connection is unstable. Robots are deployed at the hospital for delivery service. Robots navigate autonomously through the hospital-wide hallway while delivering items from point to point. The delivery task is assigned and sent to the robot by the server via wireless network. To increase the performance of using fleet of robots, online task assignment and fleet optimization is required. However, the robots are frequently disconnected with the network since the robot continuously moves and the mission area covers multiple floors. The online communication cannot be guaranteed at all times. Therefore, this paper proposes a control architecture to cope with such unstable network connectivity. The server has a specific message board to communicate with the robot. Task assignment of the server or status report of the robot are transferred through this message board. In general, the server uses a fixed IP address, whereas a robot uses a dynamic IP address. Therefore, the connection is always initiated from the robot's side by the heartbeat message. With this architecture, the communication between the server and the robot can be achieved in a partially online network environment. And, the delivery performance of the fleet of robots can be increased by the scheduler assigning the task online.
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Control architecture, Delivery performance, Delivery service, IP address, Message board, Multi-robot control, Network Connectivity, Network connection, Online communication, Point-to-Point, Real-world