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학술대회 Design and Implementation of the Companion App. Service for Scene-based Product Advertisement
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이상윤, 손정우, 박원주, 김선중
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2017, pp.1097-1100
17HR2700, 개방형 미디어 생태계 구축을 위한 시맨틱 클러스터 기반 시청상황 적응형 스마트방송 기술 개발, 김선중
Recently, while a user watches a TV, he searches or browses a related information via smart devices. And watching a specific video clip instead of full video contents is a new pattern of consuming of a video. Therefore, the need for new services based on the scene has been increased. In this paper, we will propose the design of the companion app. service and the implementation result and develop the VOD Simulator that runs on Web browser. We will also propose the architecture of the companion app. service and the schema of broadcasting program database. and present the implementation result that can demonstrate that the companion app. service based on the 2-nd screen could provide much useful services.
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Companion app, Scene based, Smart devices, Video clips, Video contents, Web browser, design and implementation, need for