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학술대회 A Novel Technique for Fault and Lifetime Self-Diagnosis of Closed Transition Transfer Switch using Dual Lines
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허세완, 박완기, 이일우
Pulsed Power Conference (PPC) 2017, pp.1-6
17ZH1400, 제로에너지 커뮤니티 실현을 위한 에너지 공유 네트워킹 핵심 기술 개발, 이일우
This paper proposes a dual-line closed transition transfer switch (CTTS) and a technique for fault and lifetime self-diagnosis. The proposed system consists of the dual-line CTTS, a closed transition operator, active and inactive channel inspectors that extract the switch characteristics, and a self-diagnosis block for fault and lifetime of the switch using the characteristics. The system controller coordinates the inspection and diagnosis based on a schedule. The proposed dual-line CTTS and self-diagnosis were verified by the PSIM simulator. The closed transition was successful although the frequencies of the two sources were different. During the inspection using the current and voltage of each phase, the signal variation was detected fast so the switch characteristics and even fault problem were detected fast as well.
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Closed transition transfer switch, Novel technique, inspection and diagnosis, self-diagnosis