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학술대회 SGDR: A Simple GPS-based Disrupt-Tolerant Routing for Vehicular Networks
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International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2017, pp.1014-1017
The provision of Internet connectivity for a vehicle anywhere anytime is an essential element to realize the vision of Connected Car. However, we observe that the current vehicular network technologies mainly focus on single-hop communications having limited coverage for the Internet connectivity. Accordingly, in order to support the always Internet connectivity, multi-hop routing that can cover wider area should be considered in vehicular networks. This paper proposes a novel multi-hop routing protocol for vehicular networks, called SGDR (Simple GPS-based Disrupt-tolerant Routing), that can provide efficient Internet connectivity even in infrastructure-less environment. SGDR facilitates simple, efficient and practical multi-hop networking for vehicular networks by adopting GPS-based geographic and disrupt-tolerant routing and by introducing VDTN bundle concept.
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Connected Car, Essential element, GPS-based, Infrastructure-less, Internet connectivity, Limited coverage, Multi-hop routing, Network technology, Routing and, Vehicular Networks, routing protocol