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학술대회 Usage Scenario and User Interface for Ice Hockey Game Analysis
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김광용, 엄기문
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2017, pp.1081-1083
17HS5100, 보행자 위치공간 인지 증강 및 스포츠 경기력 분석을 위한 정밀측위 원천기술개발, 박상준
In this paper, we propose a user scenario and user interface for analyzing of ice hockey game to coaching staff. The difference from the existing analysis system is that it can show statistical analysis data for each a player and an opponent team such as team's average speed, average acceleration and each player's moving trajectory. For this purpose, we define visual data representing spatial, temporal, distribution, comparison and relation, and develop a user scenario and a user interface for ice hockey player and game analysis. We hope that this analysis system will be able to be used as a system for the analysis of group sporting games in addition to ice hockey game.
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Average speed, Moving trajectory, Statistical Analysis, Usage Scenario, User Scenario, User interface, Visual data, analysis data, analysis system, game analysis