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학술대회 Mobile Crowd Sensing based on CICN
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유태완, 무하마드, 홍용근
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2017, pp.1273-1276
In this paper, we propose a Mobile Crowd Sensing application based on Community Information-Centric Networking to collect opportunistic sensing data in limited area where it restricts radius of Bluetooth Low Energy beacon. The application has more valuable features by comparing with common Mobile Crowd Sensing one. First is to support data integrity and utilize simple communication model according to IP-less communication through common CICN features. Secondly, to gather sensing data by using a name including BLE beacon Identifier. The application inherently supports user privacy and data integrity. We deployed several environmental sensors with Raspberry Pis and BLE beacons together in different places across a building. The developed MCS application collects sensing data as the user walks around in a smart building and draws building sensor map. We show implementation result as well as simple analysis work.
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BLE beacons, Bluetooth Low Energy beacon, Communication Model, Community information, Data Integrity, Environmental sensor, Information centric networking, Mobile Crowd Sensing(MCS), Sensing applications, Sensing data, Smart building