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학술대회 Hierarchy Architecture Security Design for Energy Cloud
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홍윤기, 남홍순, 이석진, 김태형, 정연쾌
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2017, pp.1188-1190
17PH2200, 제로에너지타운 에너지클라우드 구현을 위한 융합기술 개발, 정연쾌
Recently, the researches utilizing environmentally friendly new and renewable energy and various methods have been actively pursued to solve environmental and energy problems. The trend of the technology is converged with the latest ICT technology and expanded to the cloud of share and two-way system. In the center of this tide of change, new technologies such as IoT, Big Data and AI are sustaining to energy technology. Now, the cloud concept which is a universal form in IT field will be converged with energy field to develop Energy Cloud, manage zero energy towns and develop into social infrastructure supporting smart city. With the development of social infrastructure, it is very important as a security facility. In this paper, it is discussed the concept and the configuration of the Energy Cloud, and present a basic design method of the Energy Cloud's security that can examine and respond to the risk factors of information security in the Energy Cloud.
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Big Data, Design method, Energy field, Energy technology, Environmentally friendly, New and renewable energy, Risk Factors, Security design, Smart city, Zero-energy, information Security