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학술대회 Requirements for Older Drivers in the Driver-Adaptive Vehicle Interaction System
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김경호, 김도현, 최현균, 장병태
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2017, pp.1022-1024
For the safety and convenience of driving, vehicle should provide adaptive interaction strategy to driver's characteristics and status. For this purpose, we began developing the driver-adaptive vehicle interaction system (DAVIS). Our system is going to provide adequate interaction mechanism based on the characteristics of the driver in addition to the driver's status varying in real-time. As the first version of DAVIS, we are designing the intelligent interaction system especially adaptive to older drivers' important characteristics such as perceptive and cognitive degradation, physical decline, and behavioral tendency. As the initial stage of our design, we extracted 27 user requirements of older drivers from the literature survey and generated 39 system requirements which are expected to be implemented in our system. After a more in-depth analysis, these system requirements are categorized based on the in-vehicle devices, driving tasks, and feedback types to which these are considered to be related.
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Adaptive interaction, In-depth analysis, In-vehicle, Initial stage, Intelligent interaction, Interaction mechanism, Interaction system, Older drivers, Real-Time, S characteristics, System Requirements