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학술대회 Event-based Delay-controlled Stimulator Controller with Priority Queue for Real-time Closed-loop Neural Interface System
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박종길, 김용희, 정상돈
Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference (BioCAS) 2017, pp.540-543
17ZH1100, 실시간 뉴런-컴퓨터 양방향 통신 및 생체모방 시냅스 기술, 정상돈
In neural engineering studies, electrical stimulation feedback which is in response to measured neural activities from biological systems has important roles for mimicking artificial sensorymotor feedback paths and for controlling neural circuit plasticity. In previous works, a host PC in a closed-loop signal processing path resulted in uncontrollable milliseconds latency between a spike detection and an electrical stimulus. In this paper, we present an event-based delay-controlled stimulator controller with a priority queue in a real-time closed-loop bidirectional neural interface system. Event-based communication using an events table supports arbitrary feedback connections mapping to a biological system. Simplified event paths result in average 481.3 ns latency with few clock cycles jitter. In addition, axonal conduction delay is implemented using a priority queue with controllable jitter in a global timer temporal resolution. Precisely-controlled axonal conduction delay enables spatiotemporal pattern stimulation.
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Axonal conduction, Biological systems, Engineering studies, Feedback Paths(FBP), Neural activity, Neural circuits, Neural interface, Priority queues, Signal Processing, Spike Detection, Temporal resolution