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학술대회 A Simulator for a Light Field Display
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이범렬, 손정영, 이형, Sumio Yano, 손형기, 정일권
SPIE Commercial + Scientific Sensing and Imaging 2017 (SPIE 10219), v.10219, pp.1-10
16MF1600, 기가급 대용량 양방향 실감 콘텐츠 기술 개발, 정일권
A simulator which can test the visual perception response of light field displays is introduced. The simulator can provide up to 8 view images to each eye simultaneously to test the differences between different numbers of different view images in supermultiview condition. The images are going through a window with 4 mm width, which is located at the pupil plane of each eye. Since each view image has its own slot in the window, the image is separately entring the eye without overlapping with other images. The simulator shows that the vergence response of viewers' eyes for an image at a certain distance is closer to the real object of the same distance for 4 views than 2 views. This informs that the focusable depth range will increase more as the the number of different view images increases.
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Depth range, Light Field Display, Visual Perception