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학술대회 Compatibility Analysis between Field Disturbance Sensors and Intelligent Transport System in 5.8GHz Adjacent Bands
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최수나, 엄중선, 박승근
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2017, pp.1051-1054
17HR1500, Free Band 및 비면허대역 활성화를 위한 상호공존 기술 및 분석 툴 개발, 박승근
As the demands of the spectrum allocation for new wireless applications are highly increasing, it comes into the spotlight to use the spectrum bands which remain unused to prevent unwanted interferences in adjacent bands. For the harmless utilization of the reserved spectrum bands, it is important to analysis the compatibility between the newly allocated wireless application and the existing wireless services. In this paper, we analyze the compatibility between the newly allocated field disturbance sensors and the existing intelligent transport systems in 5.8GHz frequency band. The protection distances between the two kinds of devices are calculated based on the minimum coupling loss. Also, the probabilities of interference generation in intelligent transport systems are investigated using the SEAMCAT simulator.
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Intelligent Transport Systems(ITS), Minimum coupling loss, Protection Distance, Spectrum Allocation, compatibility analysis, frequency band, wireless applications