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학술대회 Medium Access with Implicit Contention Avoidance for Peer Aware Communications
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주성순, 김내수, 표철식
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2017, pp.200-205
IEEE 802.15.8 develops the specification of PHY and MAC for the peer aware communication (PAC) network, which is an infraless area network supporting low power wireless peer group communication. For providing efficient synchronized group communication, the PAC MAC superframe and cyclic-superframe structure are proposed. The devices of a PAC group can sleep and wake up synchronously at specific periods with preempted resources for supporting required quality of peer group services. Contention on access among neighbor peer groups can be avoidable implicitly by selecting a start time of peer group communication. The implicit contention avoidance control of cyclic-superframe structure is evaluated.
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Avoidance control, Contention avoidance, Cyclic-superframe, IEEE 802.15.8, Low power wireless, Medium Access, Peer aware communication(PAC), area network, group communication, peer group, wake-up