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학술대회 A Dual-mode Symbol Timing Recovery for DVB-RCS2 Standard
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김판수, 오덕길
Ka and Broadband Communications Conference 2017, pp.1-8
17ZR1300, 재난현장 대응력 강화를 위한 위성재난통신 기술 개발 , 오덕길
In this paper, we suggest a dual-mode Symbol Timing Recovery (STR) strategy for return link demodulator in the Digital Video Broadcasting - Return Channel via Satellite 2nd generation (DVB-RCS2) system. In general, feedforward structure can be mostly used for Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) burst demodulator implementation like DVB-RCS2 system. In particular, blind mode (i.e. Non-Data-Aided (NDA)) approach for fine STR is applicable without using known symbols such as preamble, pilot and postamble. However, it seems to have limitation in terms of estimation accuracy when burst length is rather small for estimation. Therefore, we propose to exploit two different schemes depending on waveform ID tabulated in the DVB-RCS2 standard. For a dual-mode operation, we apply the new scheme based on DA (Data-Aided) approach to the short burst. The effectiveness of this dual-mode algorithm is validated by means of computer simulation.
KSP 제안 키워드
Computer simulation(MC and MD), DVB-RCS2, Digital video broadcasting, Estimation accuracy, MODE algorithm, Return channel, Return link, Short burst, Symbol timing recovery, Time-division multiple access(TDMA), burst length