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학술대회 Mediated Reality Photography With CCTV-Assisted Object Elimination Using Graph Cut
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박성훈, 방준성, 이헌주
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2017, pp.169-172
17CS1500, 실세계 연계 실감형 e-레저 콘텐츠 서비스 기술 개발, 이헌주
For augmented reality (AR), computer-generated virtual objects are overlapped on the image of a real world. Since a disturbing real object (e.g, a moving human) on the display of an AR device reduces the immersion to AR experiences, the virtual objects need to be augmented after eliminating the disturbing object. From this motivation, this paper presents mediated reality (MR) photography, where the MR includes the AR technology for object augmentation and the diminished reality (DR) technology for object elimination. In this photography, the region occluded by the disturbing object is selected by using a graph cut method, where the graph cut separates a given image into the object and the background. Then, the region is inpainted by using reference background images which have captured by high-resolution CCTVs. The reference background images which give the information to the region of a disturbing object are used after perspectively transforming them to fit the camera view of a user's AR device. This MR photography method is implemented and its inpainting performance is evaluated by a histogram to color differences at the boundary of the disturbing object.
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Augmented reality(AR), Diminished reality, High-resolution, Mediated Reality, Real-world, Reference background, graph cut, virtual objects